Lip Balm vs Chapstick

A Closer Look at Lip Balm vs Chapstick to Help Find the Best

I think it's safe to say that we've all heard of Chapstick. But the big question is, is there a difference between Lip Balm vs Chapstick? What are the similarities, … Read more

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What Color Lipstick With Light Pink Dress

What Color Lipstick With Light Pink Dress is Best

Find what color lipstick with light pink dress is best. The latest 2022 trends for picking the right pink, neutral, or bold lip color. And, the one color for every outfit!

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Forty Cure Cream

Forty Cure Cream: The Secret to Tackling Dry Skin

LimeLife's Forty Cure Cream is a rich hand and body cream known to tackle a bunch of skin conditions. But, is it really as good as people say and is … Read more

Best Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin: Eye Believe

Best Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin

How to firm skin, lighten dark circles and reduce lines and wrinkles in minutes. The best eye cream for sensitive skin, organic and all natural.

LimeLife Rewards Program

LimeLifer Rewards Program-How to Get Discounts and Free Gifts

Product discounts, free shipping and free gifts are all part of the LimeLifer rewards program for LimeLife Alcone Customers. Makeup lovers-learn how to get

LimeLight Makeup

LimeLight Makeup- The Story of Alcone's Growth

LimeLight by Alcone includes LimeLight makeup used by professionals and LimeLight skin care full of natural ingredients. Now known as LimeLife makeup