LimeLife Foundation Quiz: Secrets to Find Your Shade Apply Like a Pro

LimeLife foundation comes in 34 shades so there's a color for everyone. But if you're wondering how to figure out which shade is right for you, how to apply the foundation, and how to make it last all day, we answer all of those questions below.

You can visit my how to choose LimeLight foundation color post to learn more about finding the right foundation color match. This page also has tons of pictures to help show you what each shade looks like. But the easiest way to figure out the right shade is to take the quiz. You can even order a sample, or buy a regular size and return if you aren't 100% satisfied.

The number of shades has increased over the years as LimeLife by Alcone always works to provide colors and products that work with all skin tones. In fact, as of March 2021 we now have 34 shades. I love that LimeLife is always adding new shades so that every person has a foundation color that empowers her.

See the New Shades- LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Foundation

LimeLife Foundation Shades

The picture above shows all 34 shades of the foundation. This includes the 12 new shades that were released in March 2021. From the lightest foundation shade called Porcelain, to color number 34 and 32 shades in between. The beauty of LimeLife by Alcone's perfect foundation is that you can blend colors. This is particularly helpful during the summer when your skin may be a little darker than winter months. For instance, you could be Shinto 1 during the winter and then during the summer add a little Shinto 2 to blend with it.

LimeLife Foundation Colors-What's Your Number

Along with the release of the new foundation shades in March 2021, LimeLife foundation also went through a name change. Not the foundation name, but the color names. Rather than use the names like Shinto, Olive and Gena Beige, LimeLife has decided to go with a numbering system instead.

Don't worry, it's still the same great foundation, the company is just trying to make it as easy as possible for people to understand the shades and sometimes names can be misleading. You can see that the original names are listed on the picture above, so you can see that Olive 1 is now Shade 04 and Shinto 1 is now Shade 07. With so many great foundation colors available, I think that the LimeLife Foundation Quiz is more important than ever to help you easily identify the right shade for you.

How to Match LimeLife Foundation Using Undertones

The first group is for those who have pink undertones (or cool undertones). How do you know if you have pink undertones? Well, people with this skin tone tend to burn more easily. And if you look at your wrist you probably have blue veins. If this sounds like you, then Ivory (02), Gena Beige (03), MB5 (10) or MB6 (11) would be right for you.

The next category is for people with peach undertones (neutral undertones) in their skin. The lightest foundation shade in this category is Porcelain, or shade #1. You fall into this category if your skin burns, but then quickly turns to a tan. Our foundation shades for peach tones are the Olive shades or MB8. Now if you're like me you may think that that an olive tone is more of a yellow tone, but for LimeLife our Olives shades are for peach undertones. I think this is a good example of why the company probably chose to go with numbers instead.

The last group of colors are for those who have yellow undertones (warm undertones). Skin with yellow undertones tans easily and when you look at the back of your wrist you'll see green veins. All of the Shinto shades fall into this category.

The picture below gives you a look at the colors and the categories they fall into. It doesn't include all 34 shades, but it does give you the “shade families” as I like to call them.

LimeLife Foundation Shade Chart

LimeLife Foundation and Concealer Shades

LimeLife Color Match Chart

I like the charts above because they help visualize where each shade falls on the color spectrum for our foundation. Not only does it let you see which color match is right for you. But, it also let's you know the correct concealer, bronzer, and powder color too.

LimeLife Shade Examples

This picture gives you an idea of which LimeLife color would be best for each celebrity. These celebrities are not wearing LimeLife in these pictures, but their skin tones are good examples for each color.

A=Porcelein, B= Ivory, C=Gena Beige, D=Olive 1, E=Olive 2, F=Olive 4, G=Shinto 1, H=Shinto 2, I=Shinto 4, J=MB5, K=MB6 and L=MB8

This collage doesn't give you every skin tone and LimeLife color, but it gives you an idea of the color families and you can simply go up or down a shade. But again, the best way to find the right shade is with our LimeLife foundation quiz that is on the foundation page.

Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

This cream foundation is great for all skin types. I think for a lot of people that's hard to imagine. I mean, how can a foundation be good for oily skin, dry skin, and mature skin? Let's start with oily and sensitive skin. LimeLife foundation won't clog your pores, so it won't cause breakouts or irritate any current blemishes. For dry skin, the key is exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. This will smooth out your skin and give you a flawless finish when applying your foundation.

As a cream foundation, LimeLife Foundation works beautifully for mature skin. Just like with dry skin, the key to any skin type is to properly prep your skin. After all, when your skin is healthy your makeup looks that much better. But let's say that you're like me and you don't always keep up with exfoliating, moisturizing, etc. That's OK because LimeLife by Alcone perfect foundation will still give you a flawless look. For me I feel like the foundation almost floats on top of my skin. It won't settle into fine lines or wrinkles. This is why it's perfect for people with aging and mature skin.

How to Apply LimeLife Foundation With a Brush

LimeLife perfect foundation is a paraben-free foundation that has been used by professional makeup artists and celebrities for years. As a highly pigmented wax based foundation, a little bit goes a long way. This means that you only need a small amount of product. You can build up the foundation in thin layers for full coverage, or if you prefer a more natural look you can mix it with a moisturizer, like Skin Therapy, for a sheer look. If you have never used a wax based foundation before, you are in for a real treat.

My favorite way to apply the foundation is with a big brush. This pictures shows the foundation paired with our buffer brush #5, but I actually prefer our larger classified diffuser brush #17. I like to warm up the foundation with my finger and then dab the foundation around my face. If you don't like putting your fingers in the product, you can use circular motions and dip the brush in the foundation to pick-up some color.

Then I begin swirling the brush lightly over my face to apply the foundation. Light circular motions is the key as you want to apply with a light touch. Need more coverage? No problem, just repeat and add another layer for more coverage.

The rule of thumb when choosing a brush is that the bigger and fluffier the brush, the lighter the coverage will be. That means that with brush #17 you'll get a more sheer coverage and with brush #5 it will be more medium coverage. If you opt for a traditional flat foundation brush like our #4, you will get heavier coverage.

How to Apply LimeLife Foundation With Blenderful

Another great way to apply our foundation is with a makeup sponge. The blenderful sponge is a non-latex reusable sponge that has an angled edge for precise application. Whether you choose to use a dry sponge, or one that is slightly damp, the blenderful is another great way to apply and blend the foundation. Use the wide end for your cheeks and the pointy end for around your nose and eyes when you need to cover finer areas. For sheer coverage, use a damp blenderful and for heavier coverage use it dry.

If you like tutorials, here's a quick video that shows you multiple ways for how you can apply LimeLife foundation and concealer.

Set Your Foundation

Once you've applied your foundation, it's best to set it with our translucent powder. LimeLife's perfect translucent powder is so light that it literally just disappears into your skin when you apply it. This powder does not cake, or crease. And, it will not settle into fine lines. Instead, this powder gives you a professional matte finish. I admit that when I first started using our foundation I skipped this step. I thought that I could do without it, but the truth is that it gives a much better finish. But if you don't want to use it, you can certainly skip this step.

Foundation That Lasts All Day

While I may be willing to skip our translucent powder, one thing I don't skip is our setting spray. We have two different options for setting sprays. The first is oil-strike. This is an oil-free spray that is great for controlling oil buildup throughout the day.

The second option is our time setter spray. This is designed for people who don't want their makeup to settle into fine lines. This spray gives you a more youthful and professional look. Plus, it's a refreshing way to end your makeup routine. Simply spray a couple squirts on your face and your makeup will stay put for 16-hours. In my mind, this is the magic that turns our LimeLife foundation into a smudge-proof, budge-proof makeup that lasts all day. I get ready in the morning and I never touch my makeup again all day. I literally set it and forget it.

LimeLife Foundation Quiz

Answers to Questions You May Have About Foundation

If you have any questions about which color is right for you. Or, about our foundation in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help. Here are some answers to questions that people ask.

Does LimeLife Foundation Have SPF

Our foundation does not contain SPF. As part of the preparation for applying foundation, you should always start with sunscreen. The great thing about LimeLife Perfect Sunscreen is that it is a primer, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one product. As a primer our sunscreen gives the foundation something to hold onto, which helps it last all day.

Is LimeLife Foundation Vegan

Yes! Our foundation is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free and gluten free.

Is LimeLife Foundation Waterproof

As a wax based foundation, it is water resistant and long wearing. That's another popular question, how long does it last. As for how long does it last during the day, it is long-wearing and lasts all day. I never touch up my makeup during the day. I get ready early in the morning and my foundation stays in place until I remove it at bedtime.

As for how long does our foundation last until you need to replace it, that will depend upon whether you go for sheer lighter coverage, or a full coverage look. However, it's safe to say that it will last for months and for some people it could last up to a year. Keep it clean and sanitized for the best results and to make it last as long as possible.

LimeLife Foundation Summary

Hopefully you now have a good idea about why LimeLife foundation is so popular. And, why it can work for anyone. It's super easy to use, lasts all day, and gives you a complexion ready for any HD camera. It all starts with finding your number, so take a look and see which foundation shade is right for you. LimeLife foundation color match quiz.

Learn More or Shop For LimeLife Perfect Foundation

Remember, LimeLife by Alcone has a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so you never have to worry about shopping online. You can exchange the color if it ends up not working out for you.

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