LimeLife Liquid Eyeshadow: New Glitter Glaze Eye Makeup

LimeLife Liquid Eyeshadow

LimeLife liquid eyeshadow is one of the new items in LimeLife’s product line. Their Glitter Glaze liquid eyeshadow is packed with ultrafine pearl pigments to give your eyes a sparkle. Here’s a look at this new product and the gorgeous colors available. ​ About LimeLife Liquid Eyeshadow LimeLife’s new eyeshadow is called Glitter Glaze, an appropriate name because … Read more

LimeLife Lipstick Colors

LimeLife Lipstick Colors

LimeLife lipstick colors cover the spectrum from sheer colors that give a tint of color, to bold colors that make a statement. LimeLife by Alcone has different types of lip products, including a long-lasting liquid lipstick, and a creamy lip gloss. Here’s a look at each of their lip products, and the colors available for … Read more

My Top 10 List For Best LimeLife Makeup Products

LimeLife Makeup

What is it about LimeLife Makeup that makes it the go-to for professional makeup artists around the world? Maybe it’s because LimeLife by Alcone uses only the highest quality ingredients in all of their products and provides cruelty-free makeup that is free of harsh chemicals. It may also be because the LimeLife brand is known … Read more