LimeLife Lipstick Colors

LimeLife Lipstick Colors

LimeLife lipstick colors cover the spectrum from sheer colors that give a tint of color, to bold colors that make a statement. LimeLife by Alcone has different types of lip products, including a long-lasting liquid lipstick, and a creamy lip gloss. Here’s a look at each of their lip products, and the colors available for … Read more

My Top 10 List For Best LimeLife Makeup Products

LimeLife Makeup

What is it about LimeLife Makeup that makes it the go-to for professional makeup artists around the world? Maybe it’s because LimeLife by Alcone uses only the highest quality ingredients in all of their products and provides cruelty-free makeup that is free of harsh chemicals. It may also be because the LimeLife brand is known … Read more

Teenage Makeup Sets and Gift Ideas

Teenage Makeup Sets

Whether you’re looking to try makeup for the first time, expand your makeup collection, or buy a gift for someone special, teenage makeup sets are the perfect way to build a makeup collection. Here’s a look at the best beauty gifts and makeup kits. Plus, some great options for putting together a gift set for … Read more