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LimeLife by Alcone has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to their professional makeup products and natural skin care. But they never rest on their laurels and instead are always working on adding new products. Here's a look at LimeLife new products that have come out this year. 

LimeLife New Products
LimeLife New Products

About LimeLife New Products 

I've been a Beauty Guide with LimeLife since 2016 and let me tell you it has been so much fun watching the company grow and expand by adding new products each year. One of the things that I love about the company is that they do things thoughtfully and with purpose. Every new product that they add takes extensive time to go from conception to market. And it's not about adding new products just for the heck of it. There is careful thought and planning that goes into LimeLife new products.

Adding new LimeLife products isn't easy. It takes a lot of resources to make it happen, and that's why in 2023 LimeLife discontinued several products. You can read my article about the discontinued LimeLife products to see what they eliminated.

Sometimes it was products that didn't sell as well as they hoped, while for other products they simply eliminated a color that wasn't as popular. But the underlying reason for discontinuing these products, was because LimeLife knew that they had a lot of LimeLife new products in the pipeline that they wanted to focus on instead. 

When it comes to adding new products, LimeLife is also good about adding things to both the makeup and skin care side of the business. And new products always complement what LimeLife already sells. So, while the new product is great on its own, the company always makes sure that it works well with what you may already have on hand. This is especially true when it comes to LimeLife skin care. The formulas all work well together.

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New LimeLife Skin Care Products 

The LimeLife skin care line has grown exponentially since I joined almost 8 years ago. The Alcone company was known for its makeup, so that was an easy place to start with LimeLife by Alcone. But the company knew that great makeup is only as good as the skin you put it on, so the LimeLife skin care side of things has seen steady growth since LimeLife began (formerly LimeLight by Alcone).

DuoLab Cashmere Comfort Boost: The Duolab was introduced in 2023, but LimeLife was working on it for 6 years. This unique skin care system lets you mix emulsified, potent ingredients that heat up with the push of a button. The new cashmere comfort boost is one of the ingredient packs that you can choose from. Cashmere comfort is designed to help people dealing with inflammation, including peeling skin and redness.

Everlasting C: This is a vitamin C Oil Elixir infused with Apricot and Sea Buckthorn. It instantly boosts radiance, smooths imperfections, and evens skin tone for a flawless, glowing complexion. This is one of my favorite LimeLife new products. I love how my face looks and feels. So soft, smooth, and glowing.

Zero Shade Sunscreen: LimeLife's new sunscreen comes in two forms. A lightweight face lotion, and an easy to use stick. Both are non-nano SPF that is reef safe.

LimeLife New Products

New LimeLife Makeup Products

Glitter Glaze: LimeLife liquid eyeshadow. This crease-free formula glides on with ease and gives your eyes color and shine.

Rose All Day Eyeshadow Palette: A 4-well eyeshadow palette that has four new shades inspired by the various shades of wine. These juicy pink hues give you endless possibilities for different looks you can create.

Perfect Lip Gloss in shade Magic. It's a rich pink shade with a hint of shimmer. 

Summer Heat Perfect Eyeshadow Palette: A 4-well eyeshadow palette that has a mix of neutral and fiery shades that help create hot looks this summer.

Rose All Day Collection
Rose All Day Collection

New LimeLife Bundles and Collections

These LimeLife collections and sets are not LimeLife new products per se. Instead, they are special bundles that LimeLife has put together to save you money. It's a great way to have professionals curate products that they know work well together. This is especially helpful if you're not sure what skincare you need. Or, what makeup can help you achieve the look you want. These collections are a great place to start. Some of these are limited editions and will only be around while supplies last.

Ageless Essentials Bundle: This bundle helps you turn back the clock with two great anti-aging products. The bundle includes the Green Smoothie starter set, along with either Dream Clean or Quench Cleanse cleansers. In two easy steps, you can help your skin get the antioxidants and natural botanicals it needs.

Build Your Own Lip Bundle: This has always been a customer favorite. LimeLife started it a few years ago and has brought it back at various times throughout the year. But this year, they decided to add it as a permanent collection. It's an awesome way to save money on your favorite LimeLife lip products. Or, to put a wonderful gift together for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays and the holidays. It's the perfect gift for any occasion. You get to pick any two of the following: Perfect Lipstick, Perfect Lip Gloss, Enduring Lip Color, Enduring Lip Liner, Perfect Lip Scrub, Perfect Balm, or Perfect Lip Mask

Rose All Day Collection: This collection gives you the new Rose Eyeshadow Palette and new lip gloss color in magic. By purchasing these items together, you save $30 for the collection. 

LimeLife Pro Age Collection

Pro Age Collection: Gives you the perfect mix of antioxidant and collagen boosting ingredients. This bundle combines all of the bestselling LimeLife skincare products designed to help you age gracefully. The set includes Midnight Oil Cleanser, Glowing Green toner pads, Sotoks serum, Midnight Oil Serum, and Eye Believe eye cream. Save $95 by purchasing these products as a collection.

Body Confidence Collection: Nourish and pamper your skin with a travel size Dew Confidence, a mini bar of Farm to Tub Soap Charcoal & Tea Tree, plus Dry Body Brush. 

The Off Duty Collection: For a no-makeup makeup look that's perfect for summer, this collection includes Perfect Glow Drops, Perfect Mascara, Perfect Balm and Strike Rich Brow Gel. All the essentials you need for a quick 5-minute makeup routine.

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LimeLife New Products

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