Discontinued LimeLife Products: Makeup and Skin Care

In February 2023 LimeLife announced that it would no longer carry certain items. Here is a look at the complete list of discontinued LimeLife products and the reason why these particular products will no longer be available once the current inventory sells out.

Why Is LimeLife Discontinuing Products

I have been a Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone since 2016 and this is the first time that they've made this change. There have been products here and there that have changed over the years (more on that below), but as far as coming out with a list of discontinued LimeLife products, this is definitely something new for the company.

The short answer for why LimeLife will no longer carry certain products is because these items were not selling quickly enough. This means that LimeLife is sitting on inventory that is taking up valuable space, and resources for the company. And because skin care ingredients have a shelf life, it doesn't make sense to keep selling a cream that the company only sells a limited number of each month.

List of Discontinued LimeLife Products

Here is a full list of the products that LimeLife will discontinue. For some of these, please note that there are just certain colors that are being discontinued and not the product itself. For instance, for the lip products and eye shadows there are just a few colors that are going away.

For most of these discontinued LimeLife products, the company is also holding a Last Chance Deals Sale. This sale provides discounted pricing for these products. The sale starts on February 23, 2023 and the products will be available while supplies last. Depending upon current inventory levels, some products may go out of stock quickly, while others may take months.

  • Perfect Glow
  • Perfect Lipstick (only certain colors are being discontinued)
  • Enduring Lip Color (only certain colors)
  • Perfect Eyeshadows (only certain colors)
  • Kids Line: Little Snooze and Squeaky Clean
  • Soap & Joy
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Dirt Work and Clean Team
  • LittleLife
  • Srubtini
  • Mens Line and Power Up Collection
  • Perfect Color Powder
  • Candles
  • Glamcour Riki Mirrors
  • Perfect Lip Gloss (only colors Bliss and Joy)

Discontinued LimeLife Makeup

Aside from the Perfect Color Powders, all of the LimeLife makeup being discontinued is for certain shades only. By eliminating colors that aren't as popular, it gives LimeLife more room to come up with beautiful colors that are a hit.

Take the Perfect Lip Gloss for instance. If you've read any of my other articles you know that I LOVE this product. But, I won't miss the colors going away. I like to wear a lot of purple hued lip color so Joy was one of the first colors I tried and it was way too dark for me. Dream and Inspire are gorgeous purple shades that I highly recommend.

  • Enduring Lip Colors: Candy Apple and Devil's Food
  • Perfect Lipstick Colors: Shirley Temple, FemFire, Down & Flirty, Paint the Town, Black Magic, Black Tie, Be Strong
  • Perfect Lip Gloss in Bliss and Joy
  • Perfect Eyeshadow Colors: 03,10,11,12,13,15,24,25,27,31,34,35,39
  • LittleLife: Kids makeup collection

Discontinued LimeLife Skin Care

Most of the discontinued LimeLife products in the skin care category are specialty lines that the company introduced a few years back. For instance, the baby products and mens line are both going away.

For the baby products in particular, the issue came down to pricing. The products in this line were amazing, but as a mother myself I know that I would never pay full price for those products. There are just too many less expensive options on the market.

Power Start is the only item from the men's line that will remain. Since this is a universal cleanser for men and women, the product will be rebranded as a unisex cleanser. Thank goodness because this exfoliating cleanser is a must have for so many customers.

Soap and Joy

List of Discontinued Skin Care

  • Little Snooze
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Scrubtini
  • Charged Up
  • Power Up Collection
  • Creme of the Crop (already out of stock and will not be returning)
  • Soap & Joy

LimeLife Soap and Joy

Now this is one of the discontinued LimeLife products that breaks my heart. I really love our hand soap. I think that this may have also debuted in 2020. If memory serves, I believe it was first introduced in the 2020 holiday collection and the Soap & Joy Collection included this soap, and our amazing Forty Cure Cream.

I love Soap & Joy because it is the creamiest soap EVER! It really feels more like a hand cream, and it leaves your hands so soft. My hands always crack in the winter, and with this soap they never did. So I am beyond bummed that this soap is going away and I certainly will be stocking up. With that being said, I understand that it is a heavy product so it costs a lot to ship. It also is so thick that the pump would get clogged, so maybe (fingers crossed) at some point it will returned new and improved.

Additional LimeLife Products Being Retired

There are a few more discontinued LimeLife products to discuss. Most of the items on this list were specialty items that fall more in the tools and accessories category.

  • Candles: These started as a limited edition item during the holidays one year. They are being cut because they are too expensive and the extra weight makes them expensive to ship.
  • Hand Sanitizer: LimeLife actually had this product already in the works when the pandemic hit. Now everyone sells hand sanitizer and it's just not worth carrying anymore.
  • Dirty Work Cosmetic Sanitizer Spray
  • Glamcour Riki Mirrors: These mirrors are amazing, but they are big, bulky and they take up a lot of space in the warehouse. And, as a big item the packaging makes it an expensive product to ship.
  • Perfect Glow: This moisturizing bronzing lotion replaced a former product called Liquid Sunshine. Liquid Sunshine was amazing and the hope is that LimeLife will come out with a new and improved bronzing/tanning lotion. Something amazing that is waterproof and stays on all day.

Recap of Discontinued LimeLife Products

It's never easy to lose products, but hopefully I've helped give some insight into the discontinued LimeLife products. And, why LimeLife chose to stop offering these products.

LimeLife is always looking to provide the best products for its customers, and by eliminating these discontinued LimeLife products from the inventory it gives the company a chance to try new things.

It also allows them to focus on what they do best- professional makeup and all natural skin care. Many of the items on the list of discontinued LimeLife products were miscellaneous items that took away from the company's core mission of providing products that allow us all to look and feel our best.

Last Chance Deals on Discontinued LimeLife Products (click on the Deals Tab)

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