LimeLight Changes Name to LimeLife by Alcone

Wondering what happened to LimeLight by Alcone, the professional makeup and healthy skin care company that's so popular with celebrities? Here's the scoop on the company and why the name changed from LimeLight to LimeLife.

When I first wrote this article we were only a few months into 2018 and there were some exciting changes at LimeLight by Alcone.  The first was that the company went global and is now available outside the US.  The international expansion also brought about another big change at the company, a name change.  LimeLight by Alcone is now LimeLife by Alcone.  The same company and same products you love, just with a different name.  You'll also notice some name changes with some of our products.

Why LimeLight Changed Name

Why did LimeLight change it's name you're wondering? The short answer is that the company name change and the product name changes were necessary in order to be in compliance with international regulations and trademark restrictions. The company would not have been able to use the LimeLight name in some countries. So to keep the branding the same in all regions, the company needed to come up with a new name.

Exciting Changes at LimeLight by Alcone

There are great things in store for LimeLife Alcone this year.  It's not just a new name, and new territories. But, LimeLife also has plans to launch lots of great new products. Every year the company works on new products. It takes its time to perfect the formulas so that our cosmetics and skincare is always the high quality that customers expect. LimeLife never cuts corners and rushes a product, which makes it more exciting when a new product launches because we know the care and dedication it took to get it made.

LimeLight by Alcone Name Change

History of LimeLight Makeup

It's hard to believe that we're coming up on the third anniversary of the name change from LimeLight by Alcone. I have to admit that it's still hard for me sometimes. My family and friends still refer to the company as LimeLight. But that's OK. To me whether you call it LimeLight or LimeLife, the company is still the same. Same great products, same great values, and same dedication to an inclusive environment for customers and beauty guides.

You can learn more about the history of the company in my article LimeLight Makeup- The Story of Alcone’s Growth

Popular Questions About LimeLight and LimeLife

I thought I'd also take this opportunity to answer some questions that I've had people ask about LimeLight by Alcone, LimeLife, the makeup, and skin care products. If you have a question, please leave a comment or feel free to send me a message via the Contact Me form.

Is LimeLight by Alcone All Natural and Safe

Without a doubt. It's actually one of the reasons why I fell in love with LimeLight. I always joke that I tried LimeLight for their makeup (namely their botanical foundation), but I joined for their skin care. I think this happens with a lot of people. The Alcone name and the Mallardi family (the owners of LimeLight) are known for their makeup. It's what their reputation and history is built on, but more than just being a makeup company, they are a company that prides itself on quality and value. That's why it made sense for them to include high quality and all natural skincare products.

I think that people hear high quality and they think expensive, but that is not true with LimeLight. Especially since all of the products are highly concentrated. This means that whether it's our makeup, or skin care, you only need a little bit to get the job done. This means that the product lasts a long time, which is an amazing value.

Celebrities That Use LimeLight by Alcone

A little background on LimeLight by Alcone. Alcone has been in the beauty business for 70 years.  They provide all of the makeup to Broadway and work with celebrity makeup artists and the film industry.  In 2015 they launched LimeLight so that they could share their products with everybody.  Now we all get to enjoy chemical free skincare and professional grade makeup that helps us look good on the outside and keeps us safe on the inside! 

You've probably heard that our makeup is popular with celebrities like Anna Camp, Kelly Rippa, and Kim Kardashian. This is very true, but more than that it's popular with the professional Makeup Artists (MUA) who work with celebrities. I think this is an important distinction because if LimeLight botanical foundation is the go-to for a MUA, it says a lot about the products. After all, celebrities that use Limelight by Alcone usually find out about it from the professional makeup artists who use it with them for a TV show, movie, or photo shoot.

What is Professional Grade Makeup

Why do celebrities and MUAs use LimeLight makeup? The short answer is because of the quality. Let's use LimeLight foundation as an example. LimeLight makeup is professional grade. That means that it has more color(pigment) than other brands. This is important because it means that you use less product to get the job done. And as a cream foundation, it's easy to blend and build up in layers. This is why makeup artists love it. It gives their clients a flawless complexion and as a wax based foundation it can hold up to the hot lights, cameras, and demands of all day photoshoots.

LimeLife powders are another good example. Whether it is a blush, bronzer or eyeshadow, all of the powder products are highly pigmented. So again, a little bit goes a long way. But more importantly, the powders are highly milled. This makes them light and natural on your skin, which of course is the ultimate goal for makeup. To look and feel as natural as possible, and LimeLight makeup definitely does!

Does LimeLight by Alcone Test on Animals

Absolutely not! I am proud to say that the company's products are cruelty-free and leaping bunny certified. Most of our products are vegan, our brushes are 100% synthetic and our all natural ingredients are all sourced responsibly.

Where Can I Buy LimeLight by Alcone

LimeLight by Alcone is sold online and uses Independent Beauty Guides (like me) to help personalize your shopping experience. Why did the company choose this sales model? I think it comes down to the personalized experience. They knew that their original customers and ambassadors were all professional makeup artists. These were people who worked with clients and were able to give them direct, personalized recommendations on their makeup needs. When Alcone expanded and started LimeLight using Independent Reps, it was a natural choice since it really was already being sold this way via the MUA who worked with clients.

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