LimeLight Makeup- The Story of Alcone’s Growth

Did you know that the history of Limelight makeup goes back almost 70 years? Some of you may be thinking how can that be? This family-owned business has been around a lot longer than other makeup lines that we hear about all the time. But let me tell you, that's part of LimeLight's charm.

LimeLight by Alcone

Limelight by Alcone began in 1952 in New York City. It began as a cosmetic company that supplied makeup to the theatre district and every Broadway show you know has surely used Limelight makeup. As a professional makeup company, it was known by those in the industry and by professional makeup artists, but for regular folks like you and me, the name was unknown.

Blueman Group Uses LimeLight Makeup

It's not just Broadway that uses LimeLight by Alcone products. Back in 1986 when the Blueman Group formed, they reached out to LimeLight to get the specialty makeup needed for this production. The show has been using LimeLight products ever since.

LimeLight Makeup in HD Film & Television

When film and television went high-def, LimeLight by Alcone was once again leading the way. Their foundation became the go-to product used by celebrities and professional makeup artists.

Alcone at Home Journey to Limelight Makep

Over the years, Alcone started to offer it's products to consumers. It began way back in 1996 after a successful visit to QVC. It eventually became Alcone at Home and then in 2014 it became LimeLight by Alcone. At this point they added natural, luxury skincare to complement their existing makeup products.

Limelight Changes Name to Limelife by Alcone

In 2018 Limelight went global and changed its name to Limelife by Alcone. I wrote about it in my Limelight changes name to Limelife by Alcone post.

The Alcone company has changed through the years, but their amazing products have not. They always stay true to their values and never cut corners to sacrifice quality. It's why you may be able to find less expensive products, but you'll never find higher qualify than Limelife makeup and skin care.

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