LimeLight Waterproof Concealer: LimeLife Best Seller

LimeLife waterproof concealer is a long-lasting professional concealer that can be used to highlight, shade and conceal. It is a high-coverage concealer, so it is designed to cover up whatever you'd like to hide. Whether its a dark spot, blemish, or a bold tattoo, LimeLife's perfect concealer can cover it up.

Waterproof Concealer from LimeLife by Alcone

LimeLife Concealer Chart
LimeLife Concealer Chart

About LimeLife Concealer

LimeLife by Alcone's perfect concealer is world-renowned. As a professional product with a formula unlike any other, it is amazing at camouflaging even the toughest skin issues. For some of us that may just be covering undereye circles, but for others it may be a scar, or tattoo that you'd like to cover up.

As a wax-based product, LimeLife waterproof concealers are long wearing. They are the perfect base or primer for shadows and powders. This creamy concealer is easy to apply and it blends beautifully. You can apply it on its own. Or, pair with our Dew Date if you'd like a little more moisture around delicate areas, like your eyes.

LimeLife Concealer Shades

LimeLife by Alcone's perfect concealer comes in 8 shades. Shade number one is a corrective color. The seven additional shades are all meant to blend with your skin tone. This creamy concealer blends beautifully and is highly pigmented so you only need to apply a tiny bit. You can easily mix and layer two shades to get the perfect color match. If you need help with your foundation and concealer color match, you can take our quiz to see which shades are best for you.

LimeLight Waterproof Concealer

How to Apply LimeLife Concealer

I think the most popular question is which gets applied first, the foundation or the concealer? Kind of like the chicken and the egg question I guess. In all honesty it doesn't matter if you apply your concealer before, or after, your foundation. However, I am in the camp who recommends applying your concealer after applying foundation.

I think that you get a lighter and more natural application if you apply your foundation first and then apply concealer. This way you've smoothed out your skin tone with foundation and the concealer only needs to be used in limited quantities. Apply the concealer under your eyes, or directly to blemishes, scars, or dark spots that weren't fully covered by the foundation.

Best Tools to Apply Concealer

You have several choices when it comes to applying your concealer. Sometimes the best tools are your fingers. And, for some this is true for concealer. I prefer to limit putting my fingers into my makeup. Therefore, I like to use a brush to apply my concealer.

LimeLife's classified concealer brush #6 is a great choice, especially for under your eyes. It allows you to apply a very light layer of concealer, while being gentle on your delicate skin. Another brush option is the small buffer brush #5. This is the smaller version of the #17 diffuser brush that I recommend for applying our foundation. And lastly, you can apply concealer with a damp sponge. The LimeLife Blenderful has a tapered end that is perfect for getting into the corners around your nose.

How to Cover Tattoos With Waterproof Concealer

If you want to cover a tattoo with LimeLife's Perfect Concealer, this is one situation where I suggest applying your concealer first. This is especially true with a colored tattoo. I would recommend covering the tattoo with the concealer and then you can go over it with foundation if needed. Since most tattoos tend to be on the body and not the face, you may choose to only use the concealer and skip the foundation all together. However, I think you'll get a flawless look if you finish it off and blend it out with your foundation.

Here's a look at how LimeLife Perfect Concealer covers a tattoo. This photo is used with permission and no filters were applied. She used perfect concealer in shades 2 and 3. Plus, Gena Beige foundation.

Ways to Use LimeLife Waterproof Concealer

As I've shown above, LimeLife's concealer is amazing at covering up a tattoo, but it has lots of other uses. Here are a few ways to use it.

  • As a waterproof concealer for swimming
  • For the best tattoo cover up makeup waterproof
  • A waterproof stretch mark concealer
  • It is a great waterproof concealer for scars

Waterproof Scar Cover Up

Build Your Own Foundation and Concealer Palette

LimeLife concealers may be purchased individually, or as part of a foundation-concealer palette that includes 1 botanical foundation and your choice of 2 concealers. When choosing the concealers that work best with your foundation and skin tone, here is a little guide to help.

LimeLife Concealer and Foundation Chart

LimeLife Concealer and Foundation Chart

More About LimeLife Foundation

I've written a couple of in-depth articles about LimeLife foundation, and specifically how to How to Choose LimeLight Foundation Color. This page has tons of great pictures of LimeLight foundation on a wide range of skin tones. To learn more about how to apply our foundation, you can check out my LimeLife Foundation- Everything You Need to Know. Both of these articles have links to the quiz that helps you choose the correct shade for LimeLife Foundation and LimeLife concealer.

Waterproof Concealer Summary

I hope I've helped give you a little more insight into LimeLife's waterproof concealer. One of the things that I love about our concealer is that it doesn't irritate my skin, so I never have to worry when I use it to cover-up a blemish. And, I love that it doesn't settle into the fine lines around my eyes. It is great for covering up skin issues for any age, and any skin type.

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