Beauty Giveaways to Thank My Followers and Customers

As someone who gets more pleasure from giving than receiving, I love putting together beauty giveaways. I admit that I haven't been good about doing them on a regular basis, but my goal is to get better at that.

I put together different types of giveaways so that more people get to enjoy LimeLife. There are giveaways for people who are part of my mailing list, and then I hold other giveaways on my social media channels.

What is Included in Beauty Giveaways

LimeLife has so many great products that it's easy for me to put together a variety of giveaways. Whether you like our makeup, or skin care, I guarantee that I'll run a giveaway that includes something you like.

How to Enter for Beauty Giveaways

You have several options for being part of my raffles and giveaways. You can join my email list or if you prefer social media options you can connect with me at the following.

  • Facebook Page– follow, share and interact for entry into giveaways.
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Pinterest– follow me to be entered and look for special Pins to comment on for giveaway entry
  • Instagram– follow me to be entered into giveaways and the more you comment and interact the more chances you have too

Stocking Up With Amazebox

How do I choose what goes into my giveaways? Well typically I focus on all of the customer favorites and best sellers. But at the same time, a giveaway is the perfect time to try something new. That's one of the reasons why I subscribe to LimeLife's Amazebox, which is a monthly subscription.

I love getting a surprise beauty box in the mail every month. I never know what to expect and it has definitely given me an opportunity to try some new products. So my excess is your reward as I share items from the Amazebox that I don't need at the moment.

Another place where I get ideas and products for my giveaways is from LimeLife collections and sales. I love mini and travel size versions. So anytime LimeLife puts out a collection with mini lip glosses, enduring lip color, or mascara I stock up. And who doesn't love travel size skin care products. It makes traveling so much easier when I have TSA approved sizes for my carry on bag.

Customer Appreciation Gifts

While it's not a giveway per se, I also like to send thank you gifts to customers. I am so grateful for everyone who supports my LimeLife business. It's another reason why I love to host beauty giveaways. It's a fun way to say thank you to you all!

Browse LimeLife– Take a look and tell me what product you'd love to try the most and you think I should include in my next giveaway.

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