Best Setting Spray For Mature Skin: Look Younger (2024)

When looking for the best setting spray for mature skin, there are a number of key things to look at. Not only should the setting spray help your makeup last throughout the day, but you also want to use a spray that is healthy for your skin.

Why Use Setting Spray

Makeup setting sprays are designed to keep your makeup in place. There's lots of science and technology behind it, but let me put it in simple terms for how LimeLife Setting Sprays work.

Our normal skin temperature is 90 degrees. Throughout the day this causes moisture to evaporate, which dries up our skin and our makeup. This isn't good for anyone, but especially those with mature skin as dry skin is probably already a problem.

The natural heat and loss of moisture from our skin causes our makeup to lose color during the day. It also causes our skin to produce excess oil because it's trying to combat the loss of moisture. This is why many of us end-up with an oily shine as the day progresses. This can also cause makeup to become dry and cracked. Setting sprays help control this moisture and balance your skin.

How Does Setting Spray Work

LimeLife's Setting Sprays use a patented technology. The science behind our makeup sprays provides a lightweight and breathable web that works with your makeup and slowly releases over 16 hours. The time-released evaporation allows your skin to retain it's moisture and to stay cool. This allows your makeup to stay fresh and in place all day.

Benefits of Using a Setting Spray

There are a lot of benefits to using a setting spray as the final step in your makeup routine. Here are a few of the most common reasons people use a setting spray.

  • Keeps makeup fresh throughout the day, so no need for touch-ups
  • Preserves full coverage (i.e.- your makeup won't melt away and you lose coverage)
  • Retains makeup color. Your makeup won't lose color through the day
  • Controls oil production
  • Reduces shine
  • Retains moisture longer so your skin and makeup won't dry out

And the best part about LimeLife by Alcone setting sprays is that they are light, easy, and comfortable to wear. They won't clog your pores, so anyone can use the spray. The setting sprays are also hypoallergenic, oil-free, paraben-free, and non comedogenic.

How Makeup Lasts Longer With Setting Sprays

How to Make Makeup Last All Day

Here's proof that makeup really does last much longer when you use a setting spray. And when you use a primer combined with a setting spray you get extra staying power. When you use a high quality primer and makeup spray like LimeLife's your makeup really will last all day. Hard to believe right? But trust me it really does work. And it doesn't just help your makeup last, but it keeps it looking (and feeling) good.

Best Setting Spray for Mature Skin

LimeLife offers two different settings sprays. The one that is the best setting spray for dry skin, or mature skin is the Time Setter oil-free spray. This spray has all of the benefits that I mentioned above. It prolongs the wear of your makeup so that it lasts for 16 hours. But best of all, it does it while preventing your makeup from settling into fine lines and wrinkles. This gives your skin a youthful and professional look.

Setting Spray for Oily Skin

Although we're talking about which LimeLife spray is the best setting spray for mature skin, I can't go without mentioning our other option. Oil Strike is the other option and it's for people with oily skin, or those who prefer a matte finish. This fine mist spray absorbs excess oil so that your makeup doesn't crease or crack throughout the day.

How to Use Setting Spray

One of my favorite things about the Time Setter spray is how easy it is to use. Apply the spray after you've applied all of your makeup, but before you apply your mascara. So the mascara will be the last step in your makeup routine.

To apply the spray, all you have to do is shake the spray and then spray 2-4 times. LimeLife recommends that you do a T or an X when you spray, but personally I've never mastered that. So I simply spray my face 2-4 times as I move my hand across my face as I spray. This gives me a light, even application. Keep your hand about 6-8 inches from your face as you spray. This ensures that you get a light mist of the spray so that it hits more of your face and doesn't build-up in just one spot.

The Best Setting Spray for Mature Skin Recap

One of my mottos when it comes to makeup is less is best, and I think that this is particularly true when it comes to women as they age. I know this is true for me at least. Of course it's kind of a catch 22. My skin doesn't look as good as it used to so I use more makeup than I did when I was younger. However, I don't have to use a lot of it.

With LimeLife foundation it takes just a little bit to even out my skin tone. And the powders and blush are so light that they don't look or feel heavy on my skin. All of this “lightness” adds to my skin looking and feeling more youthful. And when I top it off with the Time Setter spray, I don't have to worry about my makeup creasing, or settling into the fine lines on my face. It really has been the best setting spray for mature skin, even if I hate to admit that my skin falls into this category 🙂

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