LimeLife Autoship: How to Subscribe and Save

The LimeLife autoship program is back and is better than ever. See how you can save money, and get free shipping on your favorite LimeLife skin care and makeup with LimeLife autoreplenish.

The History of the LimeLife Autoship Program

A number of years ago LimeLife had an autoship program. It was back when the company was LimeLight by Alcone and it was in the early stages of building their direct sales business. The autoship program was such a success that LimeLife had to stop the program because the systems weren't in place to keep up with the demand.

As is the case with everything that LimeLife does, they always want to do what is best for the customer and deliver the absolute best customer experience. So when they felt that the autoship program wasn't working the way they wanted, they put it on hold until they knew they were ready to offer an AWESOME program. The great news is that time is NOW!

How the LimeLife Autoship Program Works

The new LimeLife autoship program (now called Autoreplenish) rolled-out in phases. This way the program was able to get up and running and once all of the systems were in place, LimeLife added new products to the program. The first product available for autoship was the Skin Care Essentials Collection (formerly called the Fresh Start Collection). LimeLife then added the Sotoks and One Drop Wonder Collection to the autoship program.

As of January 2023, LimeLife has renamed the program Auto-replenish because it's really a better term for the program. It's all about replenishing what you need so that you never run out. And now there are so many more products that you can order with the Auto-Replen program to save money. In fact, there are currently over 250 SKUs available. Here's how the program works.

  1. Shop for your favorite LimeLife products. Not everything is available for Autoreplenish, but a large majority of the products are, especially LimeLife skincare. So let's use the Skin Care Essentials collection as an example. You find the cleanser and moisturizer that is right for your skin type. Not sure about your skin type? LimeLife has a new skincare quiz on the Skin Care Essentials page to help.
  2. Select the schedule for how frequently you would like to receive delivery. The good news is that you can change the schedule at any time. About to run out and need it right away, no problem you can get it sooner. Or you can push off your delivery to a later date, or cancel anytime. You have control over it and can edit the schedule anytime.
  3. Ship! Your skin care products will be at your doorstep before you know it.

LimeLife Autoship

Skin Care Essentials Collection

There are four different combinations available in this collection. All you have to do is choose one of the four skin types and the appropriate cleanser and moisturizer is chosen for you.

Normal: If you have normal skin you will receive Dream Clean Cleanser and Skin Therapy Moisturizer.

Oily or Acne Prone Skin: Dream Clean Cleanser and Cool Balm Moisturizer are the best products for this skin type.

Dry or Mature Skin: Quench Cleanse Cleanser and Skin Therapy Moisturizer are the perfect combo to hydrate and nourish your dry skin.

Sensitive Skin: Quench Cleanse Cleanser and Cool Balm Moisturizer are the right combo if you need a gentle cleanser that won't irritate your skin.

LimeLife Subscription Service
LimeLife Autoship-Autoreplenish

Sotoks and One Drop Wonder Collection

Sotoks and One Drop Wonder are two tried and true LimeLife favorites. Why do customers love them so much? Because they work! I've written about Sotoks A LOT because it actually was what sold me on LimeLife. I had dark spots that remained after my 3 children were born and Sotoks was the first skin care product that helped lighten, brighten, and tighten my skin. One Drop Wonder is loaded with Omega 6 and antioxidants to tackle the signs of aging. Use them together to get radiant skin.

How to Save Money With LimeLife Autoship

On top of the convenience you get with the LimeLife autoship program, the real benefits are the savings you get. First, you save 10% on each product, or collection that you subscribe to with the autoship program. Second, you get free shipping on all of your future auto-replenishment shipments over $50. I love that you can save so much money and that the whole system is so easy. You shop, schedule, save. It's that easy!

Makeup Options With LimeLife Autoship

While skin care products were the first available with the LimeLife autoship program, with the new LimeLife replenishment system you can now order makeup as well. As of February 2023 not all of the items are available, but the company has included all of the products that you need more frequently. For instance, Perfect Foundation is not currently available. This makes total sense though since the foundation may last you a year. However, with mascara or eyeliner you'll need those more frequently so those products are available for auto-replen.

I love that the new system also includes all of our skin care products. So if the essentials collection is not right for you, simply pick the cleanser and moisturizer that are right for you. I like this because not all of us follow the “rules” for which products we need for our skin type. For example, I use Dream Clean cleanser but I prefer Green Smoothie instead of Cool Balm or Skin Therapy. So for me, I would skip the Skin Care Essentials collection and would instead set-up a LimeLife autoship with Dream Clean and Green Smoothie.

Summary of LimeLife Autoship Program

The new LimeLife autoship subscription service is such a great way to save time and money. The program is easy and convenient. It literally is a set-it and forget-it system. Never run out of your skin care products. Consistency is key when it comes to a good skin care routine and this autoship program ensures that you won't run out again. And while it helps you maintain your routine, best of all it saves you money at the same time.

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