LimeLife Black Friday Sale 2023

LimeLife by Alcone has done it again with another amazing LimeLife Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale this year. There are awesome makeup bundles that include fun lip color combos, eye makeup, and mascara. In addition to the special makeup bundles on sale, and our holiday collections, there's also 20% off sitewide from November 22-28, 2023. FREE shipping has just been added for Cyber Monday and will run through the 28th at 12 EST.

LimeLife Black Friday Sale
LimeLife Black Friday Sale 2023

Black Friday Sale on Makeup

About LimeLife Black Friday 2023 Sale

As I mentioned in my LimeLife Holiday Launch article that discusses all of the makeup and skin care collections for the 2023 season, LimeLife loves to have fun during the holidays.

Every year there is a theme for the holiday collection. Plus, there's always adorable names for the collections and beautiful packaging. For the 2023 LimeLife Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, LimeLife has a daily bundle that will be on sale. Each bundle is inspired by a popular drink or cocktail. Like these beverages, the bundles pair two or more products that work well together.

This sale is a great opportunity to try LimeLife for the first time, restock your supply. Or, pick-up some beautiful gifts for the holidays. There are so many options available that it makes it perfect for so many. You can find a palette that fits your budget and is personalized for everyone one your list.

In addition to these daily bundles that will be on sale, the LimeLife Black Friday Sale 2023 includes 20% off site wide (excluding Duolab and Holiday Collections). These awesome bundles LimeLife has curated are a great way to make gift giving a breeze.

LimeLife Bundles on Sale

From November 22-28th, there will be several makeup bundles on sale. As I mentioned above, each one is named after a favorite Happy Hour cocktail. Here's a look at the bundles and what is included in each. The savings on these bundles is amazing, at 36-61% off!!!

The Cyber Monday bundle is a “mystery bundle” because LimeLife held off on sharing the news with us. But I can tell you that the latest bundle added to the sale is the Revive and Renew Cyber Monday Skin Care bundle. This bundle includes the popular Bamboo Renew and Forty Cure Cream. Exfoliate your skin with Bamboo Renew and then seal in moisture and tackle dry skin with Forty Cure Cream. The price on this bundle is more than 45% off!

Cosmopolitan Bundle on Sale

Spiced Cider Bundle on Sale

Spiced Cider Bundle on Sale

Black Friday Sitewide Sale Suggestions

With the LimeLife Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, it's a great time to try something new, pick-up a new lip color. Or, stock up on your favorite foundation, concealer, or powder.

Here are a few of my LimeLife favorites where I think the 20% off is a great way to save on these amazing products. I have focused on the palettes because I feel like it's the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck so to speak. The palettes already give you a great discount, and with the 20% off you can't go wrong.

LimeLife Foundation Palette

Perfect Complexion Palette

The Perfect Complexion Palette let's you build a custom palette that includes 1 Foundation and 2 Concealers. I know I probably say this a lot, but this is my FAVORITE. Even without a LimeLife sale this palette is a great deal. When you purchase the foundation and concealer together it saves you money. Now with the palette 20% off, this palette is a great value!

LimeLife customization is another one of my favorites. It's usually impossible to find a palette that has every color you want. But with LimeLife you get to choose all of the colors and shades that are right for YOU! This means that there is ZERO waste because everything is perfect for you.

LimeLife Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes

This is an example of a six-well eyeshadow palette that you can customize. You get to choose every color that's included in the set. So back to my comment above, this means that you get only the colors you want. No waste, so you save so much money with this set. And of course with the LimeLife Black Friday Sale, you save even more! And here's a look at a 4-well eyeshadow palette. It also shows you the blush and lip color that goes well with it too.

LimeLife Blush Colors

Here is another palette idea to use with the 20% LimeLife Black Friday sale. You can build a powder palette that includes the best powders. Choose whether you want blush, bronzer, or the best selling LimeLife translucent setting powder. This setting powder is finely milled so it really is transparent. No caked on powdery look. It's just the right amount of powder to set your foundation and get the flawless finish that celebrities get.

LimeLife Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

LimeLife Black Friday Sale

In addition to LimeLife's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, there are also tons of additional collections and sets on sale for the holiday. From skin care sets for radiant skin, to mix and match bundles. There really is something for everyone on your Christmas or holiday list this year.

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Post Updated: November 21, 2023

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