LimeLife Sale on Makeup and Skincare Collections

A LimeLife sale doesn't happen every day. So when the company puts a sale, special or discount together, you better believe it's something to grab before it's gone. Most specials are limited edition collections designed for a specific holiday. On this page I'll highlight the current specials and while I try to keep it up to date, some items may go out of stock before I have a chance to update it.

LimeLife Sale This Month

November was an exciting month for LimeLife by Alcone as this was when our Holiday Collections went on sale. You can read more about it in my holiday post and also on my makeup gift sets page.

To check out all of the makeup and skin care on sale by visiting LimeLife and clicking on the “Holiday” section.

Brighter Together Bundles That Help Others

Every month LimeLife puts a special bundle together that supports the Brighter Together Foundation. LimeLife created the Brighter Together Foundation a few years ago to support, educate and empower women around the world. We have makeup collections that are always available, but from the 1st to the 4th of every month, we have a special bundle on sale. There's always a discount (aka savings) on the special bundle, but on top of that, $2 from each bundle will benefit the Brighter Together Foundation.

The December Brighter Together Bundle is our best selling Dew Confidence and Raining Zen. With this bundle you get our amazing Dew Confidence firming body oil and the Raining Zen shower gel. This is such a great sale and really is perfect for the upcoming winter months when the cold weather wreaks havoc on our skin.

This bundle makes a great gift because it's like an at-home spa treatment. The Raining Zen shower gel gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. Jump out of the shower and immediately treat your skin to Dew Confidence firming body treatment. Your skin will soak up this oil to not only moisturize your skin, but to firm it as well. Dew Confidence is awesome at tightening the skin on your neck, helping with stretch marks, and improves the elasticity of your skin.

Dew Confidence Helps:

  • Tighten and firm skin
  • Help with lines and loose skin on neck and hands
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and loose skin
  • Moisturize your skin for a youthful appearance
  • Soothe your skin and the aromatic scent is soothing to your soul after a long day

Create Your Own LimeLife Gift Sets

Our Lip bundle was so popular for Christmas last year that LimeLife brought it back again this year. Hopefully we'll see it in 2022 for Valentine's Day and other holidays throughout the year. With this special you get to choose any two LimeLife lip products to create the perfect lip combo. From our Enduring Lip Liner and Enduring Lip Colors that give you great color that lasts for hours; to our Perfect Lip Gloss and Perfect Lipsticks that are great on their own or worn together. So many ways to layer and wear our lips colors to get the perfect look! You could also include our Lip Balm or Lip Scrub as options.

The LimeLife lip bundle sale is such a great deal. I think it's a great gift set for any occasion. It's the perfect price point for a variety of holidays and occasions, so you can put a bundle together for Mother's Day, birthdays, or to stock up on holiday gifts.

LimeLife Liquid Lipstick Ombre
Ombre Lips Using Enduring Lip Colors Cupcake and Sugar Plum

LimeLife Gift Ideas

You can create your own gift sets when you bundle LimeLife products that work perfectly together. Here are a couple of our favorite pairings that are great gift ideas.

LimeLife Gift Ideas

LimeLife Foundation Blenderful

What makes a gift special? Getting someone something she wouldn't get for herself. That's why I love our RIKI mirror as a gift idea. Whether you choose the RIKI Skinny by Glamcor, or go with the RIKI Skinny or Cutie, these lighted mirrors are a special treat that anyone would love to unwrap. The skinny mirror is especially great for someone who makes YouTube videos. The mirror gives you great lighting and the tools you need for streaming. With a Bluetooth selfie function, you can take great selfies with perfect lighting. The magnetic phone holder lets you follow along with makeup tutorials. Or, create your own YouTube videos with ease.

RIKI Mirror Collection

Riki Skinny Mirror

LimeLife Sale Recap

December is such an exciting time for LimeLife. With all of the amazing sales going on, it's the perfect time to either give LimeLife a try. Or, to stock up on your favorite products at great savings and in smaller sizes that are perfect for travel. These special bundles and prices are only while supplies last and for a limited time. See everything included in the great LimeLife Sale before it's gone.

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