LimeLight Body Scrubs and Creams

Get radiant skin from head to toe with LimeLight Body Scrubs and Creams. Whether it's tackling dry winter skin, or getting ready to show off your summer glow, LimeLife has all natural skin care to help your body look its best.

LimeLife by Alcone skin care hydrates and protects. All LimeLife skin care products are loaded with the highest quality ingredients. Whether you need to exfoliate, cleanse, or hydrate your skin, LimeLife has the perfect body scrubs and creams to help.

LimeLight Body Scrubs

Invigorate your skin with LimeLife's Bamboo Renew. This refreshing and gentle body scrub exfoliates your skin, while leaving it extra smooth. The foaming scrub uses walnut shell powder, combined with Bamboo and essential oils to gently exfoliate your skin. The essential oils invigorate your skin, and your senses. With Bamboo Renew, your nightly shower turns into a spa-like experience. And with the results you get, you'll feel like you really did go to the spa for expert pampering.

LimeLife Forty Cure Creme

Another choice to hydrate your hands and body is LimeLife's Forty Cure Creme. This restorative body cream is a top seller with customers. If you suffer from eczema, then this is the cream for you! This rich creme includes a nourishing mix of essential oils, but the key ingredient is the Tamanu seed oil. This special oil comes from a Tahitian tree called The Forty Cure, so naturally that's where the name comes from for LimeLife Forty Cure Creme.

If you suffer from eczema, rosacea, or extremely dry skin, this body cream is the therapy you need. In fact, many of our customers were able to ditch their prescription medications once they tried this all natural alternative. And when you combine the cream with our One Drop Wonder, you get a therapeutic powerhouse of skin care super heroes.

LimeLight Forty Cure Creme

LimeLife Dew Confidence

Dew Confidence by LimeLife is a firming body oil treatment. The essential oil blend in Dew Confidence helps to tone and firm your skin. It improves the elasticity of your skin and is perfect for tackling those tricky spots on your body. From firming the skin on your neck and chest, to diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. This body oil helps you take back your body and show off every nook and cranny of it.

Dew Confidence Before and After

This pictures shows how Dew Confidence helped my colleague's hands and necks. I started using Dew Confidence in 2021 and I've had similar results with my neck. Frustrated because I felt that my neck looked much older than the skin on the rest of my body, I gave Dew Confidence a try and was so impressed with the results.

My results are similar to those above. The skin on my neck is firmer, the coloring is more uniform and the texture of the skin is more youthful. This is now part of my routine and I apply it every time I get out of the shower.

Raining Zen LimeLife Body Lotion

When you want to gently clean your body and lock in moisture, the Raining Zen LimeLife Collection is the perfect solution. This set includes the Raining Zen Lotion and Raining Zen Shower Gel. The lemongrass essential oil in this shower gel turns your shower into a calming zen-like experience. Step out of the shower and use the Raining Zen Body Lotion to hydrate, revitalize and soften your skin. This light lotion is perfect for all over moisture, while Creme of the Crop and Forty Cure Creme are ideal for tackling really dry skin and trouble spots.

LimeLight Body Scrubs and Creams Review

It's easy to over look your body and focus on nourishing the skin on your face. But don't cover-up trouble spots and hide beneath clothing. Let your beauty shine with radiant skin that you'll want to show-off this summer. LimeLight Body Scrubs and Creams are the all-natural solution to radiant and healthy skin.

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