Skincare for Baby: Organic Protection for Hair, Face, Body

The most precious gifts in the world are our children and skincare for baby should be made to protect this special gift. LimeLife by Alcone always uses natural ingredients in our products. The company cares deeply about offering all of us healthy solutions to skin care challenges and I am thrilled they have products made just for babies.

What is the Best Skincare for Baby

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin. It's why the ingredients that we put on their skin needs to be just as delicate. But, anyone who has changed a diaper knows that the products still need to be good and effective. So the best skin care products for a baby are those that have the perfect combination of being gently on the skin, while also cleansing and nourishing.

LimeLife Baby Wash

Squeaky Clean is a soothing baby wash and shampoo that is gentle enough to use every day. Made with organic botanicals, aloe and lavender oil, this wash is perfect for delicate skin. It cleanses, hydrates and calms baby.

After a relaxing bath, the next step is LimeLife's Little Snooze. This nourishing plant-based lotion is so soothing and hydrating. You'll lull your baby right to sleep as you rub in this delicate lotion.

You won't need sunscreen until 6 months, but after that it will be key to protecting your baby's skin. LimeLife's Sunny Bunny is an SPF50. It uses non-nano zinc to provide powerful broad-spectrum coverage that is great for anyone with sensitive skin. So it's not just for babies. Toddlers, older kids and adults all benefit from this plant-based sunscreen that is not only good for your skin, but good for the environment too. The reef-safe ingredients provide coverage from both UVA and UVB rays.

It's easy to think that we can use any product on a child, but the best skincare for baby is one that is designed just for them. LimeLife by Alcone delivers soothing, organize creams and washes to protect your baby's sensitive skin from head to toe.

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