Perfect Bat Wing Eyeliner Look

bat wing eyeliner

A bat wing eyeliner look is one that can be used for a variety of occasions. It can be used for everyday looks, but it is especially beautiful for special occasions. The bold and dramatic look opens up your eyes and really makes a statement. Here’s a look at how to create the perfect winged … Read more

Discontinued LimeLife Products: Makeup and Skin Care

Discontinued LimeLife Products

In February 2023 LimeLife announced that it would no longer carry certain items. Here is a look at the complete list of discontinued LimeLife products and the reason why these particular products will no longer be available once the current inventory sells out. Why Is LimeLife Discontinuing Products I have been a Beauty Guide with … Read more

My Top 10 List For Best LimeLife Makeup Products

LimeLife Makeup

What is it about LimeLife Makeup that makes it the go-to for professional makeup artists around the world? Maybe it’s because LimeLife by Alcone uses only the highest quality ingredients in all of their products and provides cruelty-free makeup that is free of harsh chemicals. It may also be because the LimeLife brand is known … Read more

Teenage Makeup Sets and Gift Ideas

Teenage Makeup Sets

Whether you’re looking to try makeup for the first time, expand your makeup collection, or buy a gift for someone special, teenage makeup sets are the perfect way to build a makeup collection. Here’s a look at the best beauty gifts and makeup kits. Plus, some great options for putting together a gift set for … Read more