RIKI Skinny Mirror: Best Lighted Mirror for All (2023)

The RIKI skinny mirror by Glamcor is a lighted makeup mirror unlike any other. With all of the cool features of this mirror, I like to think of this as the Cadillac of makeup mirrors. Let's take a look at the specifics and see why this mirror is always in hot demand. And, take a look at the smaller RIKI Cutie and RIKI Colorful.

LimeLight by Alcone has the exclusive on the RIKI Skinny mirror by Glamcor. This mirror is a must have for professionals, beauty bloggers and anyone who is making YouTube videos. It is so hot that it sells out all the time at trade shows and online. You can check it out now to see why it's so popular!

Features of the RIKI Skinny Mirror

LimeLife by Alcone sells several different models of the RIKI mirror, but I'll start with the original one which is the RIKI Skinny Mirror. This makeup mirror is lightweight and portable. It has a sleek design that looks gorgeous on your makeup vanity, or your table at a tradeshow.

The RIKI skinny is 10″ high by 9.25″ wide. I love this size because it's big enough to frame my whole upper body, while still being small enough to pack in a bag. This means that you can easily take it on the road, bring it on site when working with clients. Or, use it at a vendor show for customers. Whether you're giving customers an opportunity to test makeup, model jewelry, or try on whatever you're selling, this lighted mirror will show off your product in the best light.

Magnifying Mirror and Other Cool Features

One of my favorite parts of the RIKI Skinny mirror is that it comes with a detachable magnifying mirror. This is a 3x magnifying mirror that magnetically attaches to the mirror. And, within this attachment is a phone holder. This means that you can attach your phone to the mirror. It is a unique feature and is why this is a best selling makeup mirror.

Whether you're recording YouTube videos, doing a Facebook Live, or simply following along with your favorite makeup tutorial. The holder for your phone lets you have the best lighting and work hands free. It also lets you take the perfect picture from any angle.

There are 5 light settings on this mirror, so you always get perfect lighting, no matter the setting. And with a rechargeable battery, there are no messy cords to worry about and it's that much easier to take on the road. I also love the Bluetooth feature. All of the controls are on the bottom of the mirror, so you can make adjustments without your arm ruining the pictures.

Over the Rainbow RIKI Skinny Mirror

As part of the 2020 Holiday Collection, LimeLife released the rainbow colored RIKI skinny. The theme of the 2020 collection was, “No Place Like Home”, a Wizard of Oz based collection. So it's only fitting that LimeLife included a rainbow colored lighted mirror. You can purchase just the rainbow colored skinny. Or, purchase it in a combo set with the RIKI cutie.

RIKI Cutie Mirror

The RIKI Cutie Mirror is a travel size makeup mirror. Although the skinny is lightweight and thin enough to fit in a tote bag, the RIKI cutie is truly travel size. About the size of a smartphone, this travel mirror lets you have optimal lighting wherever you are. It has 3 stage dimming, a rechargeable battery, and a retractable stand and finger ring. This mirror is the perfect on the go companion when you need to touch up your makeup. It's ultra-lightweight and fits nicely in a cosmetics bag. You can purchase this on its own, or in our Over the Rainbow Collection.

Lighted Makeup Mirror With Palette

The RIKI Colorful is another great makeup mirror from Glamcor. This mirror gives you the same optimal lighting with 3 stage dimming. Plus, it's rechargeable, portable, and lightweight. Even better, the RIKI Colorful includes a magnetic base to store your favorite makeup pans. You can put your favorite LimeLife Makeup in the base where it is conveniently hidden away when not in use. Simply open and rotate the mirror when you need lighting. Your LimeLife foundation, concealer, powders, or eyeshadows can all be stored in the base to create your own travel palette.

Benefits of a RIKI Mirror

There are tons of benefits to using a good light up mirror for your makeup application, but not all mirrors are created equally. You don't just need light, you need good light. I'm sure we've all learned how important lighting is as we've sat on a Zoom call, or video conference where you didn't look your best. Lighting truly brings out your best and this is more important than ever when applying your makeup.

You never want to apply your makeup in a dark room. But even a room with a good amount of light can be unflattering. Take your bathroom for instance. The lighting is usually very yellow and tends to cast shadows. The RIKI mirror lets you choose how bright you want it to be. This makes it perfect for applying makeup, and for taking videos. A lower setting may be ideal for makeup, but you may want to increase the lighting for streaming.

The lighting with the RIKI is flattering. It is more like natural lighting, so it brings out the best in your complexion and skin tone. You can see an example of this in the picture below. No other filters were applied in this before and after. It's all the lighting!

Summary for RIKI Skinny Mirror

When it comes to using a RIKI mirror for makeup application, or streaming videos, there's nothing better. There is no comparison when you look at other light up mirrors. Whether you choose the Skinny, Cutie, or Colorful, all of the RIKI mirrors help you get the perfect makeup application. Good lighting saves you money because you'll apply less makeup and it looks better. But on top of being a great makeup mirror, the RIKI is also amazing for video lighting. Look your best on your next video call for work, school, or your YouTube channel.

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