Best Highlighter Makeup: Tips, Tricks, How to Use

Using a highlighter on your face is a great way to bring out your favorite feature. I'll take you through different types of makeup that can be used for highlighting. And, I'll share tips for how to use and apply these products. LimeLife by Alcone has some of the best highlighter makeup options, so let’s take a look and see which one is right for you.

Types of Highlighter Makeup
Types of Highlighter Makeup

What is Highlighter Makeup

As the name implies, highlighter makeup is used to highlight features. It is one of the final steps in your makeup application. Choose a feature or area of your face where you’d like to add a little glow. This glow is what draws attention to the feature and acts as a highlighter. It is a way to brighten up your face and let light bounce off those targeted areas.

A lot of people use highlighter to compliment contouring, but for many of us, highlighting is done all on its own. You want to make sure that you don’t apply highlighter all over your face. Just focus on a few key areas.

Types of Makeup Used for Highlighting

When it comes to choosing a highlighter, there are several options. The first is a powder. You can use a colored foundation powder, eyeshadow, or a blush. It’s really all about choosing the right color. Any powder can be used as a highlighter. It just needs to be light enough to highlight your skin.

Another option is to use a liquid highlighter. A liquid adds a dewy look and is easy to apply to the exact spot you would like to highlight.

LimeLife Highlighter Blush

LimeLife by Alcone has several different options when it comes to highlighting. You can use our foundation and concealer as highlighters. However, I’m going to focus on a few of our other products that can be used as highlighters for your face.

LimeLife’s Perfect Blush is one of the best ways to apply a natural highlighter to your face. This is a finely-milled powder, so it’s super lightweight. This makes it very natural looking. And, you can add more layers of it if you want more color, but it's such a fine powder that it will never get cakey.

While choosing the best color depends upon your skin tone, Glowing (powder #6) is our most popular highlighter color. With just the slightest bit of shimmer and natural light color, Glowing is a great choice for most. Add a dusting of color on the highest part of your cheekbone or to your brow.

LimeLife also has its Perfect Glow Highlighter Powder. Available in 4 shades, each one is universally flattering and good for any skin tone. This highlighter makeup is an easy way to add a little glow to your skin.

Pink Eyeshadows

Liquid Highlighter Drops

One of LimeLife’s newest choices is our Perfect Glow Drops. This liquid illuminator comes in 3 shades. The benefit of our liquid highlighter is that it hydrates skin and gives it a youthful look. The liquid drops can be used just as a highlighter, or they can also be used under your foundation as an all-over glow. This makes it a multi-purpose product since you can vary how you use it.

LimeLife Perfect Eyeshadow

Another great multi-purpose product to use as a highlighter is eyeshadow. There are 52 shades of LimeLife eyeshadow, so plenty of options to find the color that is best for you. However, color #1 (Sweet Dreams) is an eyeshadow that is universally flattering to all skin types. The nice thing about using eyeshadow as a highlighter is that it’s easy to use a small eyeshadow brush and apply the powder as a highlighter to the inside of your eyes, below your eyebrows, or above your eyebrows. You can even apply it to the top of your cheekbones. You don’t have to use it on your eyes.

Eyeshadow Highlighter Makeup

Enduring Eyeliner Duo

I have another out-of-the-box option for applying highlighter. LimeLife’s Enduring Eye Liner Duo has 2 duos that include a color that works well as a highlighter. The first one is duo #1. It has a beautiful green color for your eyes and a very light tan (almost pearl white) color that is a great highlighter color. The second option is duo #2. The eyeliner pencil includes a gorgeous blue color for your eyes, and then a rose gold color for the highlighter. I love how versatile these gel eyeliner pencils are. Not only are you getting 2 colors in one, but you also get two products in one. And even better, this eyeliner lasts for 24 hours and won’t smudge. Long-wearing and versatile sounds like a winning combination!

Using Concealer and Foundation as Highlighter

As I mentioned above, you can also use our waterproof concealer or perfect foundation as a highlighter. These products don’t have any shimmer in them, so light won’t bounce off as it does with other products. However, if you choose a color that is lighter than your natural skin tone, you can use concealer or foundation to lighten and brighten your skin. LimeLife Perfect Concealer is waterproof, so this is another long-lasting makeup to use for highlighting.

How to Apply Highlighter Makeup

The secret to applying highlighter is to use light layers and to focus on small areas. You don’t want to apply the highlighter all over your face. You just want to focus on a couple of areas. After all, the purpose is to brighten up your face and draw attention to certain areas. The best places to apply highlighter are at the top of your cheekbone, to the outside of your eye, in the inside of your eye, above or below your eyebrows, and at the cupid’s bow area of your lip.

Here are a couple of videos that may help. The first one show how to use Concealer for Highlighter

Below is a great video showing multiple ways to use Perfect Glow Drops. Lots of great techniques that you can pick and choose to see which method of applying this highlighter makeup works best for you.

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Final Thoughts About Highlighter Makeup

I hope that you’ve picked up a tip or two about how to use makeup as highlighter. And how there are lots of different products that you can use to brighten up focal points on your face.

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