LimeLife Cleanser-Gentle Care for All Skin Types

Find a LimeLife cleanser that is perfect for your skin. LimeLife by Alcone has several cleansers that gently clean your skin, while also providing protection and hydration. Our cleansers are best sellers with customers because they give you radiant skin and a glow you can't get from harsher products.

LimeLife Quench Cleanse for Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you have a couple different options when it comes to choosing a LimeLife cleanser. The first is Quench Cleanse.

Quench Cleanse is a creamy and gentle cleanser that is great for people with normal, dry, or sensitive skin. With soothing aloe vera and sunflower, this mild cleanser gives you a radiant complexion with a healthy glow.

LimeLife Midnight Oil Cleanser

LimeLife Midnight Oil

The Midnight Oil facial cleanser is another great choice for people with normal or dry skin. Made with marula oil, this cleanser is loaded with antioxidants that protect and illuminate your complexion.

LimeLife Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Our Quench Cleanse works well for people who have sensitive skin. It's a gentle cleanser so people with acne prone skin even find it to be a good choice. But for those with oily skin that is prone to acne, Dream Clean is the better choice.

LimeLife Cleanser-Dream Clean

Dream Clean is a gentle, foaming cleanser that fights the bacteria that causes acne. One of its ingredients, soapberry, also helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and age spots. While the aloe vera nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

LimeLife Cleanser for Men and Women

Our Power Start cleanser was originally designed and marketed for men, however it really is a great cleanser for both men and women. As an exfoliating cleanser it hydrates and heals dry and dull skin. This foaming cleanser is soothing and refreshing for dry skin.

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Skin Care Recommendations

If you need any help choosing the right skin care products, I have a Skincare Quiz that you can take. This helps me understand your skin and make suggestions on which LimeLife products will help.

LimeLife Skincare Collections

All of our cleansers are available individually, or you can purchase Dream Clean or Quench Cleanse in a collection to save money. Our Fresh Start collection let's you choose 1 cleanser and 1 moisturizer of your choosing. You'll save $10 with this bundle. With our Skin Confidence collection you'll save $14 and on top of a moisturizer and cleanser, you can also choose a mask.

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