LimeLight January Incentive for Joining

LimeLight by Alcone Joining Incentive

LimeLife by Alcone has a new compensation plan that was rolled out in May 2022. To learn more about how amazing this new comp plan is, what's in the starter kit, and get answers to all of your questions, please visit my updated article on how to join LimeLife.

We have such an exciting incentive this month that I wanted to take a moment to run through it for everyone.  LimeLight by Alcone's joining incentive for the month of January is that for every $100 you sell, you will receive $20 in free products.  The maximum amount you can earn is $300 and its for sales through the end of the month.

LimeLight by Alcone doesn't typically offer joining incentives, so this one is extra special.  It's the perfect way to kick-off the New Year and is perfect for anyone who has been on the fence, or thinking about joining us.  Now is definitely the time to do it!

Let me give you a quick scenario for what your 1st month could look like with LimeLight by Alcone.

  1. Join LimeLight for $169 and get our starter kit which gives you all of the products and training materials you need to get started.  The retail value on our kit is $374, which is amazing because that's a savings of over 50%!
  2. Now let’s say that you setup your Launch Party and you sell $1,000. Here is what you’d get for that $1,000.
    1. $200 in commissions (20%)
    2. $50 in hostess rewards because LimeLight lets Beauty Guides be hostesses and earn rewards
    3. $150 in free products from our Fast Start program
    4. $200 in free products from our January incentive

So if you join and sell $1,000 in January, you would be promoted AND would earn $600 in cash and free products.  It's a great time to join LimeLight by Alcone and I hope you'll come along on the journey with us.  Together we can make it an amazing 2017!

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