How To Join LimeLife by Alcone: Amazing New Comp Plan 2024

Have you ever thought about being your own boss, making your own hours, and running a business? Maybe you've dreamt about how to sell makeup from home or wondered how to join LimeLife by Alcone? Well let me walk you through the process and answer some questions that you may have. I'll also share other options to save and make money with LimeLife.

Why I Joined LimeLight

I joined LimeLight by Alcone over 5 years ago and in October I'll hit my 6th anniversary. I've seen the company go through lots of changes. The most noticeable of course is the name change. It was LimeLight by Alcone when I started and then in 2018 when the company expanded globally they had to change the name to LimeLife by Alcone.

In addition to a company name change, I've also seen product name changes, product expansions, and phenomenal growth for the company. But do you know what has stayed the same throughout all these changes? It's the culture and atmosphere at LimeLife.

What Is It Like to Be a Beauty Guide

Being a LimeLife Beauty Guide will of course be different for everyone, but I think that one thing common to everyone is the feeling of family. Alcone is a family business and their family bond extends down to everyone who works for the company. That includes Beauty Guides! It's one of the reasons why I joined and why I have stuck around for so many years.

If you've heard negative things about makeup direct sales I can tell you that LimeLife is not your typical company. They have very strict policies in place for Beauty Guides. The reason? To make the business fair for everyone and to make sure that people are working with integrity. Beauty Guides help each other and there is tremendous camaraderie across, teams, regions, and throughout the whole company.

Working for yourself isn't easy and it's so nice to have thousands of people backing you up with their love, support, and guidance. LimeLife Beauty Guides build each other up and the culture at the company is one of kindness and love. That starts at the very top with the CEOs Michele and Madison.

You'll never find a management team that is more approachable, relatable, and honest. They want to see everyone succeed and they want the company to be one that we can all be proud to be a part of. LimeLife is inclusive, inventive, cutting edge, environmentally conscious, philanthropic, and always looking to do more and improve. They never rest on their laurels, but push to do more and be better.

How to Join

Changes to LimeLife Compensation Plan

If you've been thinking and wondering how to join LimeLife, now is the perfect time to join! On May 1, 2022 LimeLife by Alcone rolled out a new compensation plan. What I love about the new plan is that they've taken something good and made it even better. Is everyone happy with the changes? I'm sure that some Beauty Guides are not happy because they may have to change the way they do some things. But rest assured, the changes are designed to make everyone MORE successful.

What Does it Take to Be a Beauty Guide

There is more than one way to be a Beauty Guide, and there is no one-size-fits-all path to follow. And this is why I LOVE the new compensation plan. Whether you want to join LimeLife to get wholesale pricing on professional makeup and healthy skincare, you want to work it as a “side hustle,” or if you want to build a full-time income and walk away from your career. You can do it all as a LimeLife Beauty Guide and create the path and career you want.

How to Join LimeLife by Alcone

Joining LimeLife by Alcone has never been easier. Simply follow this link and click on the Join Us tab at the top. Choose what type of starter kit (aka Business Box) you'd like and then proceed accordingly.

Types of LimeLife by Alcone Starter Kits

The company offers several options for getting started and this goes back to supporting how you want to run your business.

Digital Business Box ($39). This starter kit is a great way to start out and is perfect if you don't need inventory to demonstrate and share with prospective clients. It gives you all of the online tools that you need to be successful.

The Business Box ($99 with $180 value). This starter kit includes a great selection of LimeLife best selling products. It's a mix of makeup and skin care products that are easy to use and more importantly, easy to sell!

Silver Business Box ($169 with $350 value and free bag). The Silver Start Kit is the best value. You get so much bang for your buck with this kit. And, it includes a free Beauty Guide bag to hold it all. This way you can take the makeup and skin care with you to share with family and friends. Or, keep it all for yourself. We'll never tell 😉

Questions About Becoming a Beauty Guide

Let me run through some questions that you may have about how to join LimeLife by Alcone. If you don't see an answer to a question that you have, please feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Is There a Minimum I Have to Sell?

No! That's another wonderful thing about the new compensation plan. There is no minimum that you have to sell in order to receive your 20% commission. Once you hit $300 in Personal Retail Value your rank increases and you become eligible for the 5%-15% enhanced commissions. So the commission range is 20%-35%.

How Much Can I Make as a LimeLife Beauty Guide

There is no way to predict how much you'll make as a Beauty Guide with LimeLife so I can't give you a specific number. However, I can give you some examples of the type of money you can make when you join LimeLife.

As I mentioned above the base commission is 20%. Once you hit $300 that increases to 25% so you would make at least $75 per month. I say at least because you can also earn an additional 10% on new customers so if the $300 was all from new customers that would mean $105 in commission for that month. And hitting the $300 threshold would also give you your first promotion to Lead Beauty Guide.

Now let's use an example of selling $1,500 in a month. At this level you would be a Lead Director. You would have promoted from being a Beauty Guide, to a Lead Beauty Guide, Star Beauty Guide, Senior Beauty Guide and Director. As a Lead Director, you would make 30% commission plus an additional 10% commission on new sales. You also have bonuses on top of this so at a minimum you would make $450 a month at this level.

Are There Perks on Top of My Commission

Yes there are! In addition to the amazing LimeLife compensation plan, there is also an incredible incentive program called FREE 2Be Me. You earn 2Bes for hitting goals, getting promoted, etc. You can use 2Bes to purchase things like an Apple watch, travel vouchers, or luxury goods. There's a whole store with hundreds of great things to choose from.

Do I Have to Host Parties?

Absolutely not. As I mentioned above, you choose how you want to run your business. Are you active on Instagram? Do you love TikTok? Social media makes it easy for people to connect with family and friends, and to share your love for LimeLife.

Do I Have to Build a Team?

You do not. While building a team will enhance your earnings and allow you to hit some of the higher ranks, you certainly don't have to build a team.

What Kind of Support Will I Receive?

Tons! Remember how I said that LimeLife by Alcone Beauty Guides are a family? It's absolutely true. There are so many private Facebook groups setup for Beauty Guides. This is how LimeLife shares most of its training, support and resources with Beauty Guides. However, it also gives you lots of other online tools and resources to support you and your business.

Do I Need Experience To Join LimeLife?

No you don't. Whether you are a college student looking to make a little money, or a person of any age who wants to try something new, LimeLife welcomes you! With all of the training, resources, and amazing support system in place you'll have all the tools you need. Anyone can do it, but what you make is entirely up to you and the work you're willing to put into it. So don't expect to make thousands per month if you don't put the work in. Just keeping it real here.

Do I Have to Sell LimeLife Makeup? Do I Have to Sell LimeLife Skincare?

The answer to both of these questions is no. This goes back to you choosing how you want to run your business. If you are a person who loves makeup and wants to share that with others, then by all means sell LimeLife by Alcone's makeup and skip the skin care. Alternatively, if you are a person who is passionate about clean skin care and healthy ingredients, then maybe you just want to focus on the skin care side.

The great thing is that both work well together so I bet that even if you focus 100% of your energy on one aspect of the company, you'll still receive sales on the other half. And that's because LimeLife's skin care and makeup are a great complement to each other.

Am I Committed to LimeLife or How Can I Leave?

You can leave LimeLife anytime. If you join and then decide that being a Beauty Guide is not for you, that's OK. We completely understand that direct sales is not for everyone. You can leave anytime you want.

What If I'm Not a Good Sales Person

Do you know what? LimeLife by Alcone does not want sales people. This goes back to the culture and philosophy of the company. As a Beauty Guide you should simply share your story and share the products with family and friends. For example, when you are authentic and simply tell people a story about using Forty Cure Cream to treat your eczema, people appreciate that honesty. And that honesty may get them to give the product a try and the rest will be history. Because when you have high quality products, the products sell themselves. We are more like traffic cops, we're just pointing people in the right direction.

I'm Not Sure I Can Afford to Join. Is There An Alternative?

I completely understand. For a variety of reasons you may not feel ready to join. The good news is that I have another option for you. Instead of joining LimeLife as a Beauty Guide, you can take advantage of the LimeLifer referral program. Click the link to read the article I wrote that gives you all the detail, but in short you can refer friends and make money in the form of discounts, free products, and free shipping.

How to Join LimeLife by Alcone Recap

I hope that all of the information on this page that I've shared has been helpful. I tried to give you a quick look at how to join LimeLife, and how the compensation plan works. If you have specific questions, or need more detail on anything please let me know. I hope that if you choose to become a Beauty Guide that you find it as rewarding as I have.

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