LimeLifer Rewards Program-How to Get Discounts and Free Gifts

The LimeLifer rewards customer appreciation program is our way of saying, “thank you” to our customers. For every dollar you spend and every friend you refer to LimeLife by Alcone, you'll earn points (aka stars) for your LimeLife rewards account.

How to Earn LimeLifer Stars

LimeLife Rewards Program

For every dollar that you spend, you will receive 1 star. Share your favorite LimeLife products with your friends and family and receive stars for that too. For each first time customer you refer who spends $40 or more on products, you will receive 40 Stars and a $5 product credit to be used on your next order. As you earn more stars your status increases, as do the perks and benefits.

One of the things that I love about the LimeLife rewards program is that it is a great alternative to becoming a LimeLife Beauty Guide. Perhaps you've thought about becoming a Beauty Guide, but don't have the time, money, or commitment to join. The LimeLifer program let's you share your love for our makeup, without having to make any commitment to the company. I think it's such a win-win. If you're already purchasing products, you may as well get a little reward for being a valued customer.

LimeLife Rewards Chart

Rewards Status

Once you earn 500 Stars, you earn your first rank promotion to Lifer! Every Star you earn after that will reward you with 5% product credit toward future purchases, rounded to the nearest dollar. If you spend $100 USD on LimeLife products at Lifer status, there will be $5 dollars (or 5%) in product credit waiting for you at checkout on your next order!

On top of product credits, once you reach the Silver Lifer level you will also receive free shipping on one order per month. The level of free shipping increases when your status increases.

How to Check Your Rewards Status

When you log into your LimeLife by Alcone account, you will see the LimeLifer Status under the Account Settings. Click on the LimeLifer Status and it opens up the customer appreciation program section. From here you'll be able to see your Status, stars to date and available credits. The good news is that your stars will NEVER expire, so if it takes you a while to hit the 500 mark, that's OK. Just keep purchasing your favorite LimeLife makeup and skincare and you will eventually start getting discounts.

How To Increase Your Rewards Points

Of course the fastest way to add stars is by referring customers, so post your favorite LimeLife products on social media, make a quick YouTube video, or write about it on your website. However you spread the news, by sharing your love for LimeLife products, you'll quickly gain lifer status (or higher) in the LimeLifer rewards program.

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