LimeLife Lip Colors For All Day Color

LimeLife lip colors are the icing on the cake to any makeup look. Whether you go all-natural with just a pop of color on the lips, or you go full glam from lash to lips. There are LimeLife lipsticks, lip gloss and enduring lip colors to compliment your style.

LimeLife has 5 different lip products. There is the Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, Lipstick and Enduring Lip Color. Lip Balm offers the lightest level of color and the enduring lip color is the longest lasting. The other 3 fall in-between. Let's take a look at all of your options for LimeLife Lip Color.

LimeLife Lip Balm

LimeLife Perfect Balm is available in 5 shades. The classic version is clear and is perfect for soothing dry lips, or dry spots on your face. It has a natural eucalyptus and mint fragrance. With vitamin E, shea butter and sunflower seed oil, this lip balm is a joy to apply and wear. The 4 tinted shades use natural ingredients to add sheer color to your lips. The tinted balms can also be used to apply color to your cheeks. It's a quick and easy product to use on the go when you want smooth lips and color.

LimeLife Lip Gloss

Here's a look at one of my favorites, our Perfect Lip Gloss.  These are so pretty on the outside and inside they are filled with a highly pigmented gloss that feels so creamy on your lips.  I love all of the colors and while I typically wear them as is, they are also great paired with an Enduring Lip Color or Enduring Lip Liner. 

LimeLife Lipstick

LimeLife Perfect Lipstick is so creamy and moisturizing.  There are two different styles.  The “Power Pout” lipsticks are opaque, for bolder color and the “Take a Hint” lipsticks are sheer for a lighter look.  The Perfect Lipstick pairs beautifully with the Enduring Lip Liner and Signature Lip Gloss, but is perfect all alone too. There are 16 lipstick shades available, 8 sheer colors and 8 full-coverage colors.

LimeLife Lip Liner

LimeLife's Enduring Lip Liner is a self-sharpening lip liner. Customers love it because it is a professional liner that gives you a crisp line that stops lip color from bleeding and feathering. The 12 highly-pigmented colors last for hours. I love it because you can use it on its own or with other lip products. The matte color is perfect as a long-lasting base for lipstick or gloss.

How to Sharpen Lip Liner

The self-sharpening feature for this lip liner is so cool. After all, there's nothing worse than having to sharpen a pencil and watch half the product end-up in the sharpener. It is so easy to sharpen LimeLife's lip liner. Simply twist the cap closed until you hear a click. The click is the sharpening in action.

LimeLight Lip Liner

Enduring Lip Color

LimeLight Enduring Lip Color

If you want long-lasting lip color that lasts all day, then look no further than LimeLife by Alcone's Enduring Lip Color. This is a liquid lipstick that has a velvet finish. Unlike other long-lasting lip products, this one doesn't dry out your lips. These are richly pigmented with beautiful colors that last for hours. Because they are liquid lipsticks, it's easy to blend colors if you want to create an ombre look.

LimeLife Lip Colors Swatches

Here's a look at all 19 shades of the Enduring Lip Color. LimeLife has a wide range of colors that are beautiful for all skin tones. There's a color for every makeup personality. Whether you like the popular Wedding Cake shade that has a natural pink-red hue, a bright pink like Cupcake, or the rich Sugar Plum.

LimeLife Enduring Lip Color
LimeLife Lip Colors for Enduring Lip Color

LimeLife Lip Color Gifts

There is a reason LimeLife offers various limited edition lip collections and lip bundles at different times during the year. LimeLife lip products make great gifts and are so popular all year long. I've already mentioned that the lip gloss is my favorite. I love it because it has a gorgeous bling top. And, each color has a sweet name like, “Hope”, “Peace” and “Dream”. So you could give one to someone based on the color you think they'd like. Or, based on the gloss name. Whether it's for Mother's Day, teacher appreciation, birthday, or the holidays, LimeLife lip colors are great gift ideas. Either on their own, or paired with another product.

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