The Magic of the LimeLife Blenderful

What is it about the Blenderful that makes it so popular with LimeLife by Alcone customers? You may think it's the price right? While it's affordable price is definitely a plus, it's really all the things you can do with this little tool that make it so popular. It's the perfect makeup sponge to apply our Perfect Foundation and Perfect Concealer. It's also great for applying powders. You'll get a flawless finish with less make-up. And that's my #1 reason for loving the Blenderful. It saves me money and gives me a natural look!

LimeLife blenderful
Blenderful from LimeLife by Alcone

What is The LimeLife Blenderful

It has a cute name, but the short answer to that question is that the Blenderful is a makeup sponge. It is a non-latex makeup sponge that is multi-purpose and great for applying foundation, concealer, powders, and liquid highlighter like LimeLife Glow Drops. This makeup sponge is re-usable, compact, and easy to clean. It's the perfect tool for applying LimeLife Foundation, but can be used with a variety of products.

How to Apply Foundation With Sponge

The best way to apply LimeLife foundation with a sponge is to get the blenderful slightly damp. This plumps up the sponge and makes it extra fluffy and perfect for blending your makeup. You'll get a sheer coverage that gives you a beautiful, natural look. If you want heavier coverage, you can simply apply another layer. Or, if you use a dry blenderful you'll get more coverage. Use the pointy end to blend your foundation around your nose and under your eyes.

You can also use the blenderful to apply your translucent powder to set your foundation. Just use the same bouncy and dabbing motion with the sponge. Never wipe your face with the sponge as this will remove makeup from your face rather than applying it.

LimeLife Blenderful

How to Clean Your Makeup Sponge

One thing to make sure of when using a makeup sponge is that you clean it on a regular basis. Cleaning it after each use is ideal. LimeLife by Alcone makes it easy to clean your blenderful with our Clean Act, brush and sponge cleaner. Keep this with your blenderful and after each use simply dip the sponge in the cleaner and then rinse clean. It really is that easy! By keeping your makeup sponges and brushes clean, you keep your makeup clean too. And a clean LimeLife blenderful will last a long time.

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