Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween makeup looks can really make or break your Halloween costume. The right makeup adds the perfect mix of scary, fun, or beauty to your look. See how easy it is to create a great look just with makeup.

Super Hero Makeup Ideas

This picture is one of my favorites. It shows how creative you can get just with a little makeup. These looks were all created with LimeLife makeup. The number one product used in all four of these super hero designs is LimeLife's Perfect Eyeliner Pen. This pen is perfect for Halloween makeup looks because it lets you draw a super thin line. Or, draw thick lines or fill in large areas like the batman face.

Scary Makeup Looks

If you're going for a scary Halloween look you can really get creative. LimeLife Foundation in shade 01 (formerly called porcelain) is the perfect color for Halloween makeup. The color is almost white so you can create so many looks with it. Add some dark eyeshadow, eyeliner and then add whatever details you'd like. From zombies, to ghosts and everything in between, there are plenty of scary looks you can create with makeup.

Day of the Dead Makeup Ideas

I love day of the dead designs and this is one of my favorites. This is another example of how you can really be creative and have fun when it comes to creating a Halloween look. Start with a light foundation for the base and then add layers to create the look you want. Eyeshadows are the perfect choice for getting the depth of color you want.

Pretty Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Your look for Halloween doesn't have to be scary. There are so many options for creating truly beautiful looks using makeup. Take the two pictures below. The first look is absolutely gorgeous and she created it all with makeup, some sequins, and spray-in hair coloring that you can get at Amazon.

The second look is a unicorn and I think it's adorable. And what I love about this look is that it's perfect for all ages. You could create the look on a child, teen, or adult. All would look beautiful and you could simply accessorize the look differently based on age and the look you want to achieve.

What Makeup is Best for Halloween Looks

It doesn't take a lot of makeup to create a great look to compliment a Halloween costume. I'd say that foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip color give you the most options. And if you only have eyeshadow and eyeliner you can do a lot just with those. The key is don't be shy. Halloween is all about having fun and bringing out the kid in us all. So have a blast and I hope you've gotten some inspiration here with the Halloween makeup looks I've shared.

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