LimeLife Eye Makeup for All Day Staying Power

LimeLife eye makeup delivers bold and beautiful looks that last all day. From long-lasting gel eyeliners, to waterproof mascara that won't come off until you want it to. Find the perfect eye products to top off your look.

LimeLife Liquid Eyeliner Pen

The LimeLife Perfect Eyeliner Pen is one of the first makeup products that I tried from LimeLight by Alcone. Yes, it was way back when the company was still LimeLight. What I love about this eyeliner pen is that it gives you the flexibility to get a really, fine and thin line. Or, go bold with a thicker line. If you like to create wings, this is the perfect eyeliner for that. The precision you get with this liquid eyeliner comes from the fiber brush tip. This eyeliner is easy to apply, and the smudge-proof liner lasts all day. I fell in love with it because it doesn't flake or wear-off during the day. The perfect eyeliner is available in black and brown.

LimeLife Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Over the years LimeLife has expanded it's eyeliner selection. The Enduring Eyeliner Pencil is a long-lasting gel eyeliner. This gel eyeliner goes beyond what you'd ever think is possible for staying on all day. I thought LimeLife's eyeliner pen was amazing, but this pencil quickly became my favorite. Giving you 24 hours of a smudge-proof and waterproof look, this eyeliner stays on until you take it off. The gel eyeliner glides on effortlessly and lets you apply with precision. The original colors were neutral, brown, and black. However, LimeLife now offers Enduring Eyeliner Duos. This gives you 10 more gorgeous color choices. And best of all, they come in a duo pencil so you get 2 colors in one pencil.

LimeLife Eyeshadow

I have a whole page dedicated to LimeLife eyeshadow palettes so I won't go into a lot of detail on this page, but I certainly couldn't skip talking about it. Whether you just want a natural color to brighten your eyes, or you prefer to make a bold statement. There are 52 shades of LimeLife eyeshadow. And the best part is that you can purchase each color individually, or create your own custom eyeshadow palette.

LimeLight Eyeshadow

18 Well Eyeshadow Palette

Here's a look at an 18-well eyeshadow palette that you can build. LimeLight used to offer this collection pre-made, but now it's just an example of a custom eyeshadow palette. This is a great mix of neutral colors that give you a variety of options when creating makeup looks.

Did you know that you can also use eyeshadow as an eyeliner? Although LimeLife has great eyeliners, as I've mentioned above, you can also save yourself some money by using eyeshadow. This way you have one multi-purpose product to cover all your needs. To create an almost liquid eyeliner that lasts all day, I spray LimeLife Time Setter setting spray on a brush. I then dip it in the eyeshadow and apply. My preferred color is Dial It Black (Color #9) because this is a great color for the lash line.

LimeLight Eyeshadow Palette

LimeLife Mascara

LimeLife Perfect Mascara is a lengthening mascara that gives you longer and fuller lashes. This product is a bestseller with customers month after month. It is a professional mascara is made with little fibers. These fibers are what help build layers and add depth and length to your lashes. The difference from other fiber mascaras though is that you can't feel them, you only see the results. And, it's a one step mascara unlike other fiber mascaras that require two steps.

The reason why I love LimeLife Mascara is because it is so comfortable to wear. I get long, natural looking lashes, and my lashes stay soft which is something I like. This feels more natural than when you get dry and stiff lashes. The mascara is buildable so I can apply one coat for a natural look, or build it up for real volume. I also love that the mascara stays on all day, and doesn't flake.

LimeLife Waterproof Mascara

In 2020 LimeLife introduced its Making Waves Waterproof Mascara. It's the same amazing mascara that I described above, but in a waterproof formula perfect for the summer. Get maximum volume with a mascara that nourishes as it lengthens.

LimeLife Eyeliner Mascara Bundle

The Take Two Collection lets you build a set of mascara and eyeliner. Choose either the Perfect Mascara or Making Waves Waterproof Mascara. To that you can add either the Perfect Eyeliner Pen or Enduring Eyeliner Pencil. With this set you save $6 by purchasing these besties together.

LimeLife Eye Makeup Recap

I think that our eyes tell so much about us. A twinkle in our eyes reveals when we're happy, and tears show our sadness. They really are the windows to our souls and makeup helps us show them off. LimeLife Eye Makeup is the perfect way to accentuate your eyes naturally.

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